Why Businesses should include Key Opinion Leaders in their Marketing

Businesses need an excellent marketing strategy for them to thrive. One area a marketing department can exploit to increase revenue is using key opinion leaders (KOL). They include organizations or individuals whose opinion is valued and listened to. Most are trusted individuals with expertise in specific topics and not just brand representatives. They are often mistaken as influencers which is not always the case. However, some influencers can qualify as KOL once their followers trust their opinions on various products to drive conversion. Some influencers eventually become key opinion leaders and vice versa.

How to identify one

Individuals who are constantly in public can influence people’s opinions whether they are experts or famous. Individuals with the proper networking become a force to reckon with. This mode of marketing is here for the long run, and businesses should make the most out of it. If used appropriately, it can spark numerous business ventures by engaging with clients to identify new business opportunities and improve existing services and products. Using social media monitoring tools can lead businesses to the right key opinion leader for their brand. The social media audience tends to keenly follow topics, products, and emerging trends covered by KOL. The audience scrutinizes how companies tackle diversity and environmental issues through their marketing strategy.

Why are they essential to business?

Customers and prospects view them as genuine and honest since no one expects a public figure to back a substandard product or service as it will jeopardize their reputation. The mass faith in them helps businesses reach out to interested clientele with a high possibility of conversion.


have developed with their audience to increase sales. Most become brand ambassadors to maximize their influence on their audience. The primary purpose of marketing is to ensure companies reach their maximum sales potential and KOLs ensure they are on the right track.

How to choose a suitable one

Thanks to social media, identifying a suitable candidate to work with is easy, which allows businesses to choose connected individuals to their audience. First, a marketer must identify a company’s benefits by pointing out its goals by working with a particular individual. Finer details like how they expect the messages to be relayed, target group, or medium of communication are vital. Recognizing the niche area of a key opinion leader makes it easy for businesses to reach their target market. Working with a macro KOL doesn’t necessarily mean a high conversion since their influence tends to fall with a large following. Companies whose aim is to increase their ROI should opt to invest in micro KOL since they have a significant impact on their followers.

Laws and practices

There are numerous ways for companies to involve KOL in their marketing to help them bring additional exposure to a product. However, companies need to identify rules and regulations for working with these influential figures. Some countries have strict laws associated with product placement and payment of influencers.

About NetBase Quid

According to NetBase Quid, the success of any business is directly linked to the consumer attitude towards the product. With constant consumer dynamics, key opinion leaders help to increase product visibility to increase sales. They understand market products; hence they can influence customers’ decisions. NetBase Quid ensures businesses use these influencers to their benefit. They can help businesses salvage its reputation especially if it maliciously suffers bad reputation. Companies gain momentum through KOLs since they endorse products to their followers to boost sales. Through their creativity, they build suitable and engaging content meant to persuade potential prospects.

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